Welcome to Maginobi.net, a hobby-oriented blog where I post RPG scenarios, campaigns, and short stories. This site is a work-in-progress as I digitize and upload my existing backlog of RPG content.

  • Nimbus Map With GIS

    I’m trying out a new way of doing the map for Nimbus using Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator, QGIS, and Mapbox. Results are below, but unfinished so far. World Map

  • Heroes’ Feast Variants

    I was doing some experimenting recently with some desktop publishing software called Scribus to try and make more polished versions of the sorts of RPG homebrew I create, such as you might expect to find in an actual book. Since it’s Thanksgiving today, I put together 10 variants of the Heroes’ Feast spell, including traditional…

  • Goblin Horde

    So, there’s this game, Goblin Quest by Grant Howitt, which is ridiculously silly, and therefore also loads of fun. I really like the quest/task structure it provides for arranging a complete story and how it handles multiple expendable characters. But would the game be even better if it could be played over multiple sessions? I…