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  • Mage + Fate = ❤

    Last year, I made a port of Mage: The Ascension to Fate Core in order to run a Mage game in a way that would be easier for me and my group to handle. In a test one-shot the system seemed to run pretty smoothly so I added a bit of character advancement to it […]

  • Arcane Arts of Nimbus

    Principles of Nimbic Energy In Nimbus, magic is the art of harvesting, binding, and manipulating nimbic energy, which comes in a variety of different types. Most commonly found is the energy of the four major powers: light, earth, fire, and shadow. Energy is a physical substance that permeates objects, like water in a sponge. It […]

  • Nimbus Continents and Cultures

    The world of Nimbus has six continents, each with its own cultures, although the culture of the Empire of Light pervades the entire world. Tatekami The continent of Tatekami is the center of the empire and the only place where the emperor has real power. The Imperialists who live here carefully follow the philosophy of […]