Welcome to Maginobi.net, a hobby-oriented blog where I post RPG scenarios, campaigns, and short stories. This site is a work-in-progress as I digitize and upload my existing backlog of RPG content.

  • Machine Warren

    I saw a Matrix quote on the Internet a little while back where the poster drew attention to the rabbit hole metaphor used in it, and that inspired me to create a light tabletop roleplaying game system for playing games in a Matrix-like world populated by bunnies! In order to play, you will need a […]

  • The Empire of Light

    In the Empire of Light in the world of Nimbus, the emperor is both the head of government and the head of the church, as the symbolic husband of the chief goddess Tatekami. He runs the empire by means of various ministers and officials selected by examination. The kingdoms that make up the empire have […]

  • Major Powers

    In the world of Nimbus, there are four major powers: Earth, Fire, Light, and Shadow, as well as a number of minor powers. Each of these powers is led by an archon who serves in distributing the power and judges those in its service. Light The motto of light is “walk the path of the […]