Mage + Fate = ❤

Last year, I made a port of Mage: The Ascension to Fate Core in order to run a Mage game in a way that would be easier for me and my group to handle. In a test one-shot the system seemed to run pretty smoothly so I added a bit of character advancement to it for longer term play. Ultimately I ran a 10 session campaign over the course of a few months that culminated in a high astral plane battle between the players’ cabal and the technocracy over the concept of love, in which the cabal’s psychic summoned the spirit of Karl Marx and his communist backup dancers to defeat the social construct of status while a T. rex gnawed on a space station.

I’ve been debating whether to put up the rules publicly online because the original rules document I had for it contained a bunch of setting information copied from the Mage: The Ascension sourcebook published by White Wolf. I’ve opted to remove the setting section from the document linked below. Anyone who wants to know more about the setting can find some information at their wiki: or in a copy of the sourcebook.

A few more credits to give before getting the actual rules: the rules in the document linked below describe a set of extras for the Fate Core system published by Evil Hat, the system reference document for which can be found here: I am also not the first person to try to port Mage into Fate, and the rules below rely heavily on two previous adaptations in these linked blog posts by Douglas Underhill and Max Peters

Without further ado, the rules, in linked Google Doc form:

Mage+Fate Rules Document

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